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Our aim is to develop future technologies and technologies of control. This is the only possibility for the survival of humanity.

Our goal is to develop future technologies and control technologies. This is the only chance that humanity can survive.

The great Creator of space technology Sergei Korolev said - "Criticize someone else, to offer his own. Offering to — do."

If he were alive today, surely man would be on Mars!


For example, people like to take everything on faith, but not fact, to watch and discuss the theory of science and of filmy, listen to fantastic prospects, but the real development they are only interested in the store.


In order to improve the design of artificial intelligence created by the processor vital data on the principles of spectral logic. This processing, compression and packaging video, audio data and perception, as well as in the human brain.


Created a new optical processor:

Optical processor !

Spectral logic, exposure:

range - objects, addition – scene

subtraction – action,

multiply - connected and forecast,

division – history.

Optical processor !

Spectral logic, excerpts:

range object, add the first

subtraction action

multiply – connected and forecast,

division – history.

Fig. 1. When the consciousness of Artificial Intelligence.

Following the words of great scientists, as said in the above quotation S. P. Korolev, science need to do not just sitting at conferences.

Everything else is called journalism.

You need to create a technology to do something, then humanity has a future. If the only conflict or to enjoy, there is no future!