Chernobyl - 30 years

2016 is the 30th anniversary of the beginning of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl Accident.

Were used great ideas and technology. Especially the "Blotter" - brilliant technology of I.V. Kurchatov Institute (NRC "Kurchatov Institute").

The future is inevitably determined our current. Currently defined in the past. He who does not know the lessons of the past - has no future!

It's you know. It's been many many times in the past century. History repeats itself. There is a disaster and needed help. People go to death, and then they can go home. Right next victims. You see, our people divided, but remains at least the last thing we remember - friends, intense and stern faces, pride in their work. We still have at least a remembrance of the good that is done, that we in the former USSR, all native, all together. And don't want to think about the future, because it is not there. Remember the departed and drink to the health of the living. Good luck to you guys. And remember, we have nothing left, no hope, though "Great Russia...". Chernobyl Union Of Russia.

Black was on the threshold,
Black truth in your eyes
In children, the lost Paradise,
In the children's lips froze....
From the book by Leonid Prourzin

The tragedy, which still claims the lives of the people who gave their labor and their future at eliminating man-made disaster, a tragedy takes the lives of those who lived or continues to live on this earth.

The bright memory of those who did not live to see this day and patience to those who are still alive...

Photo by Leonid Prourzin