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Home alone Cm. also the section of Applied security.

Today it is impossible in a complicated life to protect yourself from problems. As said the actor Charles Bronson – "damn busy".

Person everywhere are waited by surprises and challenges. Therefore developed a unit forecast for AI "CHIP INTA" to predict human problem and to get around them. But not always listens to opinion of the forecaster or of his own reason.

Therefore developed multiplexers (sound and video, and control, dry contact, etc.) to review larger spaces for businesses and individuals. However, people buy a lot of video surveillance systems, regardless of the psychology of human perception. The author in the late 90s he developed the technology for the stationary object, a moving object for surveillance systems.

For example, if the multi-window monitoring system includes all the objects, then the person is able to see only one window. The guard goes to sleep (Example:One for all), because he calms down a solid review. Large space easier to change after a while to attract attention.

AI is processing the video stream.

It is impossible to get out of the house, as there is constantly pounded inadequate personality. Walk and is attacked by a huge dog without a leash and people hating their masters. (There is a special project.)

The multiplexer transmits the data in one or more Windows to record. To reduce the cost of surveillance and to connect the multiplexer to one or more televisions in the building as the TV channel.

Unlike systems Smart home technology project automated simple logic and cheaper than 2 orders of magnitude.

Multiplexer CCTV systems - working layout, polisheda with ordinary dish soap:

The system itself is in a box on a shelf manages the electrical equipment in the house:

The drive to the robot One at home is also placed in the box on the tripod (the robot is removed in order not to confuse):

The robot shows the activity at home, for example, where small children.

Such systems are more reliable than the existing programs of the Smart home as it is not prone to viruses, do not depend on Internet and communications, cheap and compact. Management can accommodate any (make interface).

Avtomatiziruete at the level of key components and are not affected by the hacking but a direct break with a sledgehammer, if the casing is plastic..

Device control One house, in the center white box. Performed only on special order, as the project is incidental (not the main).

Cost is minimal depending on the number of ostwest, power, and program. But it is much cheaper than industrial timer for a single device. The robot and the rest, inexpensive, at a separate cost.

Cm. also the section of Applied security.

Added: 2016-12-09