Radio network for space communications

Radio for space communications

Radio network associated with the Mars network. The Mars network is to transfer information between nodes (settlements, transport, people, robots) based on wireless devices – drives managed by an electronic brain. Unlike the Internet protocols (basic data transmission Protocol – TCP-IP) , the transmission Protocol in the Martian network based on streaming data processing and recognition of image query. In radio networks there are no zones and routers, there is no need to divide a cell antenna on zone – Mars is not inhabited. A radio signal in a short period of time and includes all information submitted by a user, including reflected. The task is to divide them into images that will make electronic brain.

Communication problems can be solved also with the help of a reflector of Phobos and reflective characteristics of Deimos.

Terrestrial radio will be associated with the Lunar radio network.

Added: 2015-07-01