Creating optical processor

Optical processor

The description of the optical processor

Automate technology, where the dimensions of the tools are measured in nanometers – the problem is just the power of the system where the software environment goals and objectives, fulfills the requirements microprocess. After all, thousands of operations and thousands of processes at molecular level without technical (intellectual) systems, make a person unable to control the phenomena at the micro level. Especially the control required to build new crystal structures interspersed with such capricious substances such as fluoride.

 Alteration of the crystal lattice at its cultivation makes it possible to change the crystal structure from parallelepipedal or cubic to hexagonal or triclinic. Donor and acceptor impurities will give a wave and electrical properties of such structures able to manage the flow of wave energy. By combining such structures, create a topology of new devices. The ability of devices to operate and control the flow of light by means of changing the properties of the lattice of electric current, to change the reflection direction of the waves will allow you to create a structure with a topology smaller than existing silicon devices. Speed in such devices will be measured by the speed control reflection from the crystal lattice. Inclusions of organic matter will make such devices compatible with biological systems and their use in medicine (Fig. 1). By devices like transistors will be changed to "minirosetta" crystal structure. Management options bio electronic devices are to change the reflection of the crystals are triclinic forms through the action of an electric current or a change in the reflection of the crystals by turbidity organic matter. All exposure or control the flow of electric current or wave energy flux. Of glide planes along the edges of the spatial diagonal of the unit cell vary with the vectors of the axes: tk = (a + b + c) / n.

 The process of creating bio electronic components in the basis of the crystal will require special software and hardware. Structure of matter, generated with the help of nanobots and nanotechnology include the processes of control of each unit (molecule) of the substance, a new form of which it is impossible to create any other way. For example, bombarding a target made of metal, scientists are trying to find traces of substances, time of life are low. But the new structure not found in nature, with a new crystal lattice, it is impossible to create without constructing each crystal and each stable molecules of a substance. In electronics, the ability to weave electric and dielectric strands interspersed with semiconductors, will determine the possibility of creating new electronic systems of the micro-level, which can be the basis of nanobots that control the connections and interactions of matter. But the devices with the wave reflecting structure is possible only with the cultivation of the topology of the crystal.

Fig. 1. Model crystal betransitory

Description of nanotechnology

In medicine in General this cannot be done without nanobots: nanobots will be able to partially replace the functions of erythrocytes and leucocytes, to replace the functionality of some glands, chemically developing and monitoring standards are necessary substance in the blood.

Another direction of research using nanorobots prolongation of life of human cells and the man himself, correcting some fragments of DNA and RNA.

 Periodic table does not offer the format of the new structures of organic substances and their compounds with inorganic substances in the form of topology. In such structures, perhaps, to lay the effects of superconductivity at temperatures of about 270-300 Kelvin. But to extend the table, exploring the short-lived chemical elements possible.

 New forms of structure of matter, possible in nature – screened materials that can absorb visible light and transform it into electric current. Substance that can transmit visible light, it is also technically possible. For example, tissues, absorbent on one side surface a visible radiation and emit in another region of tissue. The object wrapped in a cloth becomes almost invisible.

Control technology development of new materials is represented in Fig. 2.



Fig. 2. A control algorithm for industrial production of new materials

Control technology, creating new materials represents (see Fig. 2), where its composition depends on the system, controlling its structure at the nano - and micro-levels. In the environment are strains of bacteria that produce new forms of matter. The direction of their crystal lattice is controlled by the impurities and magneto-electric fields. Control is carried out by mediators and scanners. Control actions are transmitted to the intellectual technologies.

 Each crystal of a substance is filtered by tensors and flaps. Next, a new substance is handled in Sereda nanotechnology coarser influences. Raw materials and semi-finished product is transferred to industrial production.

 Impact on the crystal lattice of the substance without process control is possible, but it is certainly the technology of tomorrow. Currently, only exists the possibility of setting research and experimental work in entry-level management of nanotechnology. In such tasks included obtaining new isotopes and isomers of heavy metals and study of Isotoma substances. It is not excluded and the definition of the hidden researchers of the atoms of matter, which is only possible at the nanoscale.

New optical processor embodies some aspects of the technology.


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